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Why Raven Herron & Company?

Why does anyone decide to open their own business? I suppose I was seeking a more challenging environment and more control over my financial future. I had integrated well with two Accounting Firms I had worked for previously. In my last position, I became a Tax Manager. During this time, I realized that what I loved best was working with the clients. I loved watching a business grow and looking at different ways I could help my clients succeed. I loved getting to know the clients. I loved teaching people who had an aptitude (and even some who didn’t) how to read financial statements, or what a tax return form really meant and how it affected them. I noticed that so many people needed more expertise in accounting and tax issues than they were receiving. 

Somewhere between studying for the LSAT (Law School sounded fun!) and craving something more, I decided to open my own Practice, and in 2006 I went into business for myself. At first, we grew small and steady and then 14 years later I woke up and realized we were one of the largest Firms in the area. I stayed true to what I loved the most which was working with the clients one on one. I have done my best to maintain this small firm one on one relationship with our clients by hiring staff who care about people as much as I do.

Why Me?

Over my 20-year career in accounting, I have had the opportunity to see countless small business try to make a go of it. I have seen many successes and unfortunately quite a few failures. I have watched and studied and learned what works and what doesn’t, and I apply these lessons both to my Firm and when applicable, to Clients and their Companies. I have seen many Firms grow too fast and watched as their customer service went down the tubes or their quality of products or services declined. Seeing this time and again has taught me a valuable lesson and helped me define our mission.

Our mission is to provide quality work and maintain a Small Firm feel no matter how large we get. It’s to provide a work life balance for myself and my employees and avoid the ‘CPA Burnout’ that is typical in our industry.  People who enjoy what they do and are happy to come to work are going to provide better services than those that don’t.

What makes me Capable?

I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor in Business Administration from Sul Ross State University in 2000 and a Masters in Business Administration in 2001. After graduation, I gained six years of valuable experience with two mid-sized accounting firms working on federal, multi-state and international income taxes for corporations, partnerships, and individuals as well as franchise taxes, entity selection and dissolutions and IRS resolution. Since opening the Firm, I have focused on Real Estate Developers, Professional Service Based Industries and Medical Practitioners.

About me?

When I’m not working, you can find me underwater blowing bubbles. I am a certified PADI Scuba Instructor and enjoy teaching Scuba Diving to those brave enough to give it a try. I am also a licensed Pilot and love going on trips in our small plane with my husband Joe, who is also a Pilot. I have horses who are my big pets and get ridden occasionally, much to their chagrin. When we can, my husband and I sneak away on dive vacations and am a voracious reader! Not even tax season stops me from devouring my beloved books. We have a bookshelf in the office and clients are welcome to come sample some books! If you’d like to read more about my early history and how I even decided Accounting was the Career for me, click here!

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